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Business Management Software For Retail & POS is an All-In-One Point of Sale, Inventory, Payroll & Accounting software solutions for Retail businesses with a lifetime free version.

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Our free version is for small low budget retail startups. Although the features of this package is very basic, it is enough to turn a profit and upgrade to the Silver package.

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Built for small startup operations. This package is very basic . However, it is enough to turn a profit and upgrade to the Silver package. Free forever!




Excellent choice for small-to medium-sized business. Has limitations however, the features are good enough to turn a profit and upgrade at a later date.




Perfect for small-to medium-sized enterprises and large multi branch operations with 500+ customers and 5,000+ inventory items. Support is 24/7 onsite or remote.



Business Accounting
Inventory Management
Reporting & Analytics
Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
Promotions & Gift Cards
Vendors & Purchase Orders
Work Order & Repairs
SMS & Email Blast/Marketing
People Management
Advanced Inventory
Advanced Reporting
QuickBooks Integration Unlimitted Unlimitted Unlimitted
Microsoft Office Interoperability
Premium Support & upgrade Assurance ($80 per Month* Optional)
Customize Anything
Data Import Support
Migrate from Cash Register Express, QuickBooks, Peach Tree, Fresh Books, Turbo Pay
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Why use Business Management Software For Retail & POS?

No one knows retail like we do.

  • Complete Records

    Record everything you need to know about your Products & services in our inventory tracking module. Group items by category and sub category, assign multiple vendors, units, and barcodes to each item. Track by SKU or MPN and big-ticket items by serial number. Print labels on demand.

  • Pricing

    Managing and pricing your inventory correctly makes for a more efficient and profitable company. Assign up to six prices for each item. Price by store or by color/size with location-specific and SKU-specific pricing. Custom price rules let you set up complex promotional, contract, and special price scenarios, as well as mix-and-match pricing

  • Transfer Merchandise

    Transfer inventory easily between stocking locations. Receive inventory at a central location, and then transfer the right quantities to your other locations.The Transfer Advice report suggests items and quantities to transfer based on maximum stocking levels or replenishment calculations, making it easy to figure out the best way to distribute your merchandise.

  • Get 100% accurate numbers

    Sales, payments, discounts or taxes, everything is transferred to the account of your choice in your accounting software. Pick a posting method and get a daily sales receipt, a profit and losses reports and more..

  • Meaningful Reports

    Data for your stores is gathered across locations, allowing you to organize your stores by sales, average ticket size and customer amount. Track trends, performance, and compare results with goals to truly understand how your business is doing.

  • Do more with your stock.

    Customers have special requests all the time. Our POS makes it easy for you to deliver on your promise on time, every time.Special orders, Work orders management, Layaways, Preloaded vendor catalogs & Purchase orders.

  • Manage your customer relationships

    With Business Management Software For Retail & POS, customers will get a truly unique shopping experience they can’t get anywhere else. Expand the reach of your brand with a POS that has your logo and a background of your choice. Customize your receipts with promotional messages and engage with customers everywhere.

  • Customer data

    Keep all customer data in your POS and learn how to keep them happy. Identify trends, shopping habits and adapt to customer demand in order to get them back into your store. Learn a customer’s lifetime value to your business and plan for the future.

  • Easy Inexpensive

    Our Retail Management software is available for a low monthly fee that will help small businesses compete in the marketplace against the large mass retailers with the huge IT budgets. Small retailers will receive all the necessary modules; including customer marketing, rentals, reservations, trade-ins, consignments, order tracking, manufacturing, open to buy, retail stock ledger, true inventory matrix, layaways, built in accounting and many more function

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